Liquid Glass Screen Protector

Safe Protection For Your Phone

Protect Your Phone From Everything

If you have a job where your phone is not safe or you are simply careless with your phone, you need to protect it. The best protection is liquid glass screen protector.

It happens to everyone that they drop their phone, spill some liquid on it, because of which the screen will crack or some malfunction will occur. Liquid glass screen protector is the safest protection for your phone.

Liquid glass is one of the newer products used to cover the phone screen. Instead of protective foils and protective glass that only provide you with some security, liquid glass gives 100 percent protection to the phone.

Liquid Glass Screen Protector

Applying liquid glass is very simple. It drips onto the surface of the screen and wipes off. This creates a fine layer that looks like glass and has much better properties. First, it will fill every micro hole and micro crack, so your screen will look like it was poured. In case the screen has already started to crack somewhere, the liquid glass will fill it and prevent further cracking of the screen. Secondly, the liquid glass is completely transparent, so it does not affect the color display, then the high sensitivity of the sensor is maintained, fingerprints do not remain on the liquid glass, so you only need a dry cloth to wipe your phone. The liquid glass also has an anti-reflective property, so you will be able to see your phone even in the sun. The most important thing is that the liquid glass is resistant to very strong shocks, so you will no longer worry when you drop the phone from any height and on any surface. And of course, the liquid glass doesn’t allow any liquid you spill on your phone to seep through.

If you want safe protection for your phone, one click on the liquid glass screen protector is enough. We guarantee that your phone will be protected from anything that can damage it.

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