356 Porsche Restorations

We Perform a Complete Restoration Of Your 356 Porsche

We Restore the Full Shine Of Your Porsche

If you have a Porsche left over from your grandfather sitting in your garage and you don’t know whether to sell it or let it continue to rot, we have a solution for you. It’s 356 Porsche Restorations.

Reject the decision that your car is still standing and falling apart immediately. The Porsche 356 does not deserve such a thing. With more or less tidying up depending on its condition, you can sell it to a Porsche 365 enthusiast. And you might decide to keep it when you see how it looks after the restoration at 356 Porsche Restorations.

356 Porsche Restorations

Our workshop employs trained craftsmen who can carry out any repair on your Porsche. We have the most modern tools and modern machines with which we successfully perform all types of work. If parts are needed for your car, we can get them brand new or used depending on what you want. If the engine is not in good condition, we will do everything to make it work like when the car was new. If the tires have failed, in our workshop we put only the original ones that were put on many years ago. We also bring the bodywork to perfection, so when your car is finished, you won’t be able to recognize it. Our extensive experience in repairing and restoring Porsche 356 is extensive, because we only do this type of car. We are also ready to arrange your interior completely. If the seats are badly damaged, we replace them with new ones, and if they are slightly damaged, we repair them so that the difference between the new ones and the repaired ones is not noticeable. We make the dashboard, gear lever, door handles and all other small things look perfect. When you come to collect your 356 Porsche, we believe you will make the decision to keep it for yourself.

If you decide to restore your Porsche, one click to 356 Porsche Restorations is all it takes. We know you will be satisfied with our work, because we will restore your 356 Porsche to its full glory.

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